Enterprise Risk

Methodology and tools are only a fraction of the story when enterprise risk programs are involved. To encourage acceptance and sustainability, advisors with experience in understanding variances in organizational and divisional goals and objectives are key. Our advisors bring this experience to each Enterprise Risk engagement.

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Enterprise Risk Assessment (ERA)

  • Identify significant inherent industry risks
  • Capture insights across the organization using surveys, structured interviews and technology-enabled working sessions
  • Categorize and prioritize key risks
  • Co-develop actionable steps to further mitigate or manage key risks

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Perform or enhance an existing Enterprise Risk Assessment
  • Evaluate the design of the risk management and internal control framework
  • Follow-up on significant business risks to identify appropriate improvement efforts relevant to associate ratings
  • Embed ongoing risk assessment and monitoring into management processes
  • Define focus areas for framework enhancements
  • Co-develop reporting and communication plans for risks and monitoring efforts
  • Development of ERM governance and charter authorities

Disaster and Continuity Management

  • Co-develop Disaster Recovery Response Plan(s)
  • Co-develop Business Continuity Plans (BCP)
  • Benchmark existing BCP against leading practices
  • Perform Business Impact Assessments (test Disaster Recovery Plans and BCP’s)