Construction Audits

We tailor our construction audit methodology to each client’s unique construction project, internal control environment and business objectives. We can add value to any stage of your construction project from bidding / pre-construction, during the construction, construction payments or at the close-out of the project.

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Cost Assessments

  • Reviews of general contractor bills for correct construction costs
  • Validate that architect, project manager, engineer or construction management firm reviewed all of the construction costs
  • Validate that accounts payable department performed detailed reviews of construction invoices
  • Compare quantities billed to quantities installed

Construction Reviews

  • Identify potential overpayment, overcharges, duplicate payments, and billing to wrong projects
  • Evaluate change orders and the control environment
  • Review the bid process, deliverables, overhead expenses, materials, equipment, tools, rentals, scope, and progress payments
  • Evaluate schedules, procurement, estimates, quality control, safety, and reporting
  • Conclude that back-charges were accomplished, and valued fairly
  • Litigation avoidance and support
  • Risk assessment and management